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Principles for exporters

Working with NZ exporters at NZTE, we saw patterns emerge. Fundamentals that were consistent across industries and customers. Here’s a summary of those patterns and what it means to an exporter.

For most exporters their website is their primary salesperson. It represents their brand globally, helps attract potential customers, provides all the preliminary information they need so they get in contact.

You wouldn’t expect someone to hire you before you told them about yourself and why you’d be right for the job. The same principle applies when marketing your product or service via digital.



Customers need to see that you are a reputable, professional and easily accessible brand.


Customers need to understand the full benefits and value of your product over alternatives.


Customers need clarity when it comes to product information, the benefits and options at every step of the experience.


Customers need clarification on what a standard implementation looks like.


Customers need to feel they have access to your knowledge and technical experience.


Customers need to know that you support, train and will continually evolve your product.


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